Turandot – Heart of Ice

After Turandot by Giacomo Puccini

Thursday 18.04.2024 at 17.00

Teatro Comunale - Teatro Studio

Piazza Verdi 40 - Bolzano

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  • Giacomo Puccini:



In a mysterious and enchanted garden full of bare peach trees, three masked characters appear suddenly. They will recount an ancient story, that of Princess Turandot, the victim of a curse that has engulfed the entire kingdom, enveloping it in darkness. The heart of the princess is frozen; she can no longer love and feel emotions. Will it be possible to break the spell and make the kingdom shine in the light again? Opera Kids offers participative performances that have been developed to introduce children aged four to seven to the world of musical theater in a playful way. The show features a singer, two actors and a pianist, who invite the audience to sing an aria from the opera and interact with the performers at key moments in the performance.

Download here the family kit and get ready for the show! (in Italian only)

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Tickets may be purchased online or at the box office of the Teatro Comunale of Bolzano from the 3rd of October. +39 0471 053800 / info@ticket.bz.it