All for one

Interactive Concert

Friday 22.03.2024 at 17.00

Running time: 2 min.

Teatro Cuminetti

Via Santa Croce 67 - Trento

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    In an enchanted world, amidst dreams and fairy tales, unfolds a surprising story: a butterfly goes through a journey that will lead it to discover its own uniqueness, while experiencing different forms and different points of view throughout its life. A tale that encourages us to treasure diversity in all its expressions, educating on empathy as the key to a better world.

    Tutte e tutti per uno is a high accessibility show for strings, voice and LIS (Italian Sign Language) that was born thanks to the call 2023 of the General Direction for Performing Arts for projects aimed at favouring the presence of artists with disabilities within live performances. Italian language

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    Tickets may be purchased, from the 3rd of October, online or at the box office of the Auditorium Santa Chiara in Trento. +39 0461 213834 /