Cuddle Concert

Brass Ensemble

Saturday 02.03.2024 at 16.00

Running time: 45 min.

Auditorium - Stage

Via Dante 15 - Bolzano

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What’s on

  • Wolfgang A. Mozart:

    Il flauto magico, K 620

  • Kate Agioritis:


  • Georg Friedrich Händel:

    Royal Fireworks Music

  • Wolfgang A. Mozart:

    «Gran Partita», KV 361


Face to face with the instruments of the orchestra! In the Cuddles of Music concert series, the stage is transformed into an intimate workshop of emotions and experiences. Through listening, movement and interaction, children will be the real protagonists of the experience where, among music stands and instruments, among dances and dream journeys, they will be able to experiment and try their hand at creating their own concert, discovering independently the joys of music.


  • Ensemble

    The Winds of the Haydn Orchestra

Ticket information


Tickets may be purchased online or at the box office of the Teatro Comunale of Bolzano from the 3rd of October. +39 0471 053800 /

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