Orchestra meets Rock

Presley, Zeppelin, Purple, Stones, Floyd, Queen, Metallica, Europe

Event calendar

What’s on

  • Elvis Presley:

    Unchained Melody - Jailhouse Rock

  • Led Zeppelin:

    Stairway to Heaven - Kashmir

  • Deep Purple:

    Smoke on the water

  • The Rolling Stones:

    Sympathy for the Devil - Angie - Paint It Black - Ruby Tuesday - Satisfaction

  • Pink Floyd:

    Time - The Great Gig in the Sky - Another Brick in the Wall - The Trial - Run Like Hell

  • The Queen:

    Bohemian Rhapsody - The Show Must Go On - Bicycle Race - We Are the Champions

  • Metallica:

    Nothing Else Matters - Enter Sandman

  • Europe:

    The Final Countdown

Ticket information


Tickets can be purchased one hour before the concert, at the box office. Tickets may be booked in advance from the 30th of December at the Library of Cavalese by telephone (+39 0462 237544) or via e-mail ( biblioteca@comunecavalese.it )